Today’s features are straight outta Woodinville!

#HoppyHumpDay #Everett! Today’s features are out of Woodinville, Wa!

Kicking it off with $3 #Sumerian #Sargon Session IPA from 2-6pm.

sumerian sargon ipa

Then we roll with some specials on #ElementalCider from 6-8pm!

elemental cider logo

It’s #HoppyHumpday with @cruxbrew!

Today’s feature is from @cruxbrew!

Crux Fermentation Project Cast Out IPA

$3 from 2-6pm then we roll into brewer’s night from 6-8pm!

Crux Castout IPA Logo

Today’s #HoppyHumpday pick is @BlackRavenBrew Beaktweaker Citrus IPA, followed by @AceCider from 6-8pm

Hello! #Everett!

Today’s IPA feature is Black Raven Beaktweaker Citrus IPA, followed by specials on Ace Cider (Joker, Pineapple, and Perry),  and we’ll be throwing out swag from 6-8pm!

Also, the Hot Dog cart with be here from 4:30pm-?????


The Brews Almighty® Crew

#HoppyHumpDay #Everett! Here’s today’s IPA pick:

Backwoods Logyard IPA is your $3 choice IPA from 2-6pm!

#HOPPYHUMPDAY #EVERETT!backwoods_logo_1024x1024